10 Tips to Prepare for an International Trip

The preparation for an International trip should start even before you plan it 🙂

It doesn’t really matter whether you travel for a day or a month but better planning is required to avoid challenges. Travelling can be exciting and at the same time can be full of surprises. The list may sound a lot but it is essential to pack light but appropriately. It is always convenient with carry-on luggage.

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Considering your taste and style I suggest you go with your fashionable wardrobe with a rolling suitcase. You can always research online about different countries and places to visit as per your taste like Cairo Tour Packages or budget Cairo tours etc. When you are traveling solo, then it is always sensible to stuff clothes that are easily washable and that can dry quickly. I also suggest you go in for packing cubes if it is a casual trip which is just for a couple of days. These cubes generally compress the clothing and keep them organized.

Other important tips to prepare for an International trip are:

  • Do check your passport expiry date.
  1. Follow 6-month passport rule.
  • Avail of medical insurance before traveling?
  1. Stock them adequately
  • Visit purpose is essential because necessities will vary?
  1. Business or pleasure trip
  • Which is the country that you are planning to visit?
  1. European, Asian, Middle East, Egypt or other African countries etc.
  • Are you visiting alone or accompanying someone with you?
  1. Solo traveler or with family
  • Learn about the country that you are traveling – culture, holidays, climate, etc
  1. Knowledge is bliss, the more information is better
  • Is it necessary to avail a visa before you travel or visa on arrival can be obtained?
  1. Very important point, pre-check should be done. For eg, if you are planning to go for Cairo tour packages, one of the popular destinations in Egypt. You will have to get the visa upfront as they don’t entertain On arrival or E visa for travelers from most of the countries.
  • Travel with appropriate documents and always leave a message to your friends and family about your travel plans
  1. The very important point, even a soft copy will do
  • Stay updated on the latest political news about the country you are visiting.
  1. Stay away from the war zone country or close neighboring countries affected badly.

The 6-month passport rule is a must. You cannot neglect this rule for self-travel or with family. Ensure all the passports that you have don’t have near expiry date less than 6 months otherwise you will be in deep trouble. So do make it a priority to renew your passport about 9-12 months prior to the expiration date.

In most of the foreign countries sale of medicine is strictly banned so do take care of your regular supply of medicine and stock them adequately.

Traveling foreign countries means dealing with currencies. Don’t just carry your ATM card or even a credit card for that matter. Forex is a better option and solution to travel safely and do the transactions.

There are many other common pointers that you need to remember when you prepare for an International trip. A versatile taste in shoes with not more than 3 pairs or just a pair would be enough. You can opt for sandals to face warm climate and boots to bare cold climate. Touring new destinations can make you feel clueless sometimes but Google maps will be of great help when it comes to directions. Always carry some basic medication or motion sickness remedies.

Imperative things on health & safety, you probably know that you need to buy bottled water, boil tap water or carry some purification tablets with you. It is important to follow local customs and law that includes dressing modestly and be respectful of local culture and values. Obtain prior information about holidays online otherwise; you will be caught off guard by holidays, mid-afternoon closings and strikes.

  1. Carry hand sanitizer and wet wipes
  2. Carry tissue and toilet paper if required
  3. Carry copies of your personal ID documents or in a soft copy
  4. Lock your passport in a hotel safe where you are going to stay
  5. Carry appropriate currency notes of the country that you travel
  6. Do call up your bank to activate International usage on your card
  7. Check with your mobile cell provider about the tariff and support services

Whenever you finish packing your luggage then I suggest you do a simple road test with your luggage on your back. It will give you an opportunity to test it out before you leave. Try to save on accommodations and it doesn’t matter if you are alone or with family. If you are not planning it correctly then you may either get separate rooms for you and for your kids so I suggest you go for vacation rentals.

So these are some of the basic things one need to take care of while planning a trip abroad. And in case if you are planning to visit Egypt for your next vacation, you have the perfect team waiting for you to do all the maths behalf of you. Let it be Cairo tour packages, visiting Aswan or the historic pyramids or sailing the beautiful Nile River, we make sure you will have the best memories to cherish forever. Contact us for any Egypt trip advice.

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