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Places to visit

10 Tips to Prepare for an International Trip

The preparation for an International trip should start even before you plan it 🙂 It doesn’t really matter whether you travel for a day or a month but better planning is required to avoid challenges. Travelling can be exciting and at the same time can be full of surprises. The list may sound a lot […]

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What is Special About Cairo?

Cairo serves as the capital of Egypt, which is set on the Nile river. Your expedition to Cairo would be like a pilgrimage to see and feel the values of the rich culture, monuments, museums, mausoleum, and home food. In the heart of the city, you will find Tahrir square and the vast Egyptian museum, […]

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Sabil & Kuttab Abd EL Rahman Katkhuda in El moez street

Abd El Rahman Katkhuda Sabil and Kottab is one of the most remarkable monument in El Moez street in ols Islamic Cairo.Everyone  passes through the street notices this Sabil for two reasons, firstIts strange structure immediately catches the eye, second it occupies the slim point of a triangular block that separate the main street into […]

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