Sabil & Kuttab Abd EL Rahman Katkhuda in El moez street

Abd El Rahman Katkhuda Sabil and Kottab is one of the most remarkable monument in El Moez street in ols Islamic Cairo.Everyone  passes through the street notices this Sabil for two reasons, firstIts strange structure immediately catches the eye, second it occupies the slim point of a triangular block that separate the main street into two branches.

abd El Rahman Katkhuda was a Mamluk amir (prince) and a talented architecture. He did much work in Cairo including developments to Al-Azhar University and mosque. He also rebuilt the dome of the Qala’un Mosque after an earthquake in Egypt. ( he restored more than 33 monuments in Cairo).

Sabil & Kuttab abd al-Rahman Katkhuda,Cairo, Egypt

The Sabil-Kuttab was built to achieve the maximum available visibility through building it with three free-standing sides. The Style is a mex of Mamluk and Ottoman  architect.


Ground floor served as  a Sabil to serve free water for people. Water brought from the nile on camels and donkey and poured through openings to underground cistern. The interior of the sabil is faced by tiles brought from Syria. The representation of El Kaba’a is very interseting.

Upstairs is the Kottab ( children school for teaching Quran verses and reading and writing)


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