Top 10 Things to Do In Egypt


Top 10 Things to Do In Egypt
It is that time of the year again when people tend to spend their vacations in some foreign locale and relax while doing the same. But at times, choosing the suitable destination for touring seems tough for the commoners and also they become confused as to what to do or where to visit once in a foreign land. If you have opted for the location of Egypt for your next travel plan then you won’t get every information from the Travel Agencies in Egypt.

Here are some few things that you can do while visiting Egypt. Have a look!

1. Scuba diving at Hurghada- if you are an adventure lover and would like to try a few adventure sports while touring Egypt, then this is the ideal place for you to visit. Scuba diving is best done when the sea is full of manifesting coral reefs, transparent water body, and sandy shores and is completed with a stunning landscape. And what more do you expect here? The Egyptian red sea coasts at Hurghada has it all that would make your scuba diving experience a worthy one!

2. Visit the Egyptian museums- we are all lovers of ancient antiques and when visiting Egypt, you can’t really say you do not take interest in such instances of the pats. So, visiting the Egyptian museums which boast of the ancient civilization of that part of the world is something you can’t miss! They have a collection of artifacts, ancient tombs and temples, pyramid sights, real mummies and what not!

3. Sunset camel ride at Giza- call it a romantic ride or an adventurous one, sunset camel rides are worthy of exploring when you visit Egypt for your holiday! No wonder why the pyramids are considered to be one amongst the “Seven Wonders of the world”; the camel ride would prove it right!

4. Take a walk along Alexandria’s corniche- if you are traveling with your partners, this is the perfect thing to do when visiting Egypt. A walk along this coastal city is worth every step. The beach sidewalk completes your journey in every aspect.

5. Explore the “city of the dead”- it may be a haunting experience for the weak hearted people but if you are brave enough you can check out the zawiyyet-al-mayyiteen cemetery in the city of Minya. It was the burial ground of many Muslim and Christian people and becomes a bit eerie during the time of sunset and sunshine.

6. Go hiking in Mount Sinai- again if you are a sports and adventure lover, this is one of the things that you can try while visiting Egypt. It is comparatively an easy hiking location but the view from the top is awesome!

7. Buy unique marvel jewelry- if you like jewelry and want your closet to be full of unique pieces then buying these marvel jewelry is recommended. The jewelry museum in Alexandria holds a collection of such pieces of jewelry that dates back to ancient times.

8. Volunteer at Luxor animal care- no wonder these days, people have become more of an animal lover than loving anything else. Thus while visiting Egypt you can visit the organization ACE which is famous for its pet care initiatives, the working animals are sheltered here and common people can volunteer them as well!

9. Buy papyrus at Giza- this is one very unique thing to do in Egypt. It is believed that paper was invented by the Egyptian civilization from the people of the papyrus tree. Thus, you can take a look at how is it made in the papyrus institute located at Giza and you can also buy the papyrus souvenirs there to keep it as a memory!

10. Buy jewels, leather, and perfumes in Cairo- no wonder shopping is a must when visiting any foreign country and thus you always want to take home unique pieces from your travel destination. When in Egypt, buy these enthralling collection of jewels, leather, and perfumes in Cairo!

Even if you book all-inclusive Egypt Tour Packages, it is unsure you will get everything included in the package. Thus you need some more information while touring this ancient kingdom of pyramids and mummies. Hopefully, the above information would help you with your next vacation in Egypt!

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