What is Special About Cairo?

Cairo serves as the capital of Egypt, which is set on the Nile river. Your expedition to Cairo would be like a pilgrimage to see and feel the values of the rich culture, monuments, museums, mausoleum, and home food.

In the heart of the city, you will find Tahrir square and the vast Egyptian museum, the treasure of antiques including royal mummies and artefacts. Cairo holds rich cultural values and holds largest educational universities (20 most famous universities), and the royal opera houses (Cairo Opera house, Khedival Opera house).



Cairo offers both old and the new urbanization lifestyle for a tourist. Some part of Egypt is known as old Cairo because it contains the remains of the ancient Roman fortress of Babylon. The areas around the old city and around the Citadel (is a fortified enclosure) are characterized by mosques and tombs, it is also referred to as Islamic Cairo especially in English travel literature. The Citadel is still occupied by the military, but it is open as a tourist attraction.

Cairo is a hot tourist destination and an enduring experience for any person who loves visiting historic places. It also holds one of the greatest historical monuments of Islamic architecture in the world.

The view of  river Nile, Ibn Tulun mosque, the famous Muizz street, Talaat Harb Square, Azhar Park to Cairo Citadel are breath taking and are the famous places which usually top the list in the Egypt Tour Packages. However, the list just goes on without ending the expedition.

The forms of transport are now very accessible and convenient for the tourists. Cairo is famous for its Cairo yellow cabs, Cairo Metro, Cairo tram and the famous Cairo Nile ferry. You can thoroughly enjoy the scenic views and the richness of Cairo using any of these transport facilities. The Nile, of course, is a major north-flowing river in north-eastern Africa and is known as the largest river in the world.

As the capital of a historical country like Egypt, it does hold so much importance for the country. Cairo has taken a major step forward in urbanisation as most Cairenes now use extensive rail system, the subway system, and maritime services which is convenient for the tourists.

The subway system known as Metro is the fast and efficient way of getting around Cairo. This is a key promoting factor of Cairo Tour Packages for outsiders. If you are a fan of soccer game then you can visit Cairo International stadium, most of the sports federations of the country are also located in the city suburbs that includes Egyptian football association. At the international level, Squash players from Cairo hold excellence in both professional and in junior divisions.

Cairo has been the hub of education and services for Egypt and other neighbouring regions.egyptsunset.net

It holds the largest number of educational schools and universities. Visiting famous universities should be on top of your Cairo Tour Packages. It is also the location of several important religious shrines such as the Al-Hussein mosque, the Mausoleum of Imam Al-Shafi, one shouldn’t forget visiting the Tomb of Sayyida Ruqayya & Mosque of Sayyida.

Cairo Tower is the magnificent freestanding concrete tower in Cairo Egypt, 614 feet  it has been the tallest structure in Egypt for almost 50 years Among 20 other universities, Al Azhar University, Cairo University, Ain Shams, Nile and British university are the main educational institutional buildings that Cairo is famous for.

Mosque of Sultan Hassan and Al-Azhar mosque is famous for its minarets. However, the first mosque in Cairo was the mosque of Amr ibn al-As (Fustat), the first Arab Muslim settlement in the area. Visiting all these places should be on priority in the Cairo Tour Packages. Another specialty of Cairo includes Khan el-Khalili, which is one of the ancient bazaar in the world (marketplace).

The food or local cuisine is also famous and delicious.

Fuul is the national food of Cairo with cooked fava beans served with pitta bread. It is a healthy breakfast that locals and tourists equally prefer. Koshary is another local dish made of a mixture of rice, macaroni or spaghetti, chickpeas, and lentils covered with spicy tomatoes. Fiteer, Hawawshi, Taameya, and Kofta Kebabs are some of the lip-smacking dishes in Cairo.

To conclude, Cairo has a lot to offer for the tourists visiting the magnificent city of Egypt. Your expedition would never complete because it has a deep history to absorb.

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