Interesting Facts about the Cairo Egyptian Museum

 Cairo Egyptian Museum

Going for a holiday is something that we all crave for throughout our lives! And when finally the time arrives, we fail to decide on to which destination to choose or where to travel as the options available are vast.

Some people prefer long holidays in isolated places, whereas some prefer crowded destinations. Some may love the beach while some loves to get lost in the beautiful landscapes of the earth. While choosing a destination might be a tough task or most travelers, once you finalize it, there is nothing to be worried about!

There are ample of places in this world to visit and one such destination is Egypt, many travelers love to visit Egypt for its ancient culture and traditional ambiance. The Travel Agencies in Egypt ensures that every traveler is provided with favorable hospitality and tour guidance at its best. If you are in Egypt or planning to travel there anytime soon, then you must visit the Cairo Egyptian museum at least once.


The popularity of this ancient museum already speaks for it but still, we are going to present some interesting facts about it which will make you yearn more to visit it. Read on to know more


  • The museum was not named as the Cairo Egyptian museum from the very beginning. Its actual name was the museum of Egyptian antiquities as it boasted of the antique pieces of the Egyptian civilization.


  • As is evident by the name itself, it has the best collections of Egyptian antiquities and artifacts and often called the “symbol of faith” by the native Egyptian citizens.


  • A French architect whose name was marcel dourgnon first built this museum in the year 1900 and thus, the structure is not the work of an Egyptian king.


  • The museum boasts of a hall which is called the “hall of royal mummies” because in this hall there is a total of 11 mummies of Egyptian kings and queens.


  • The collection of the museum is calculated to be approximately around 120000 objects which include antiquities from the historic era to the Greco-roan period.


  • More than 1.5 million people visit the museum every year. More than 5lakh Egyptians alone visit it each year.


  • It has a total of 7 sections and consists of royal corners according to the era of the civilization of the Egyptian ruling.


  • Majority of the items on display are approximately 5000 years old and belongs to the Egyptian kingdom.


To conclude

No matter where on earth you are traveling, when you decide to go on tours does not just make it a “visiting different destination” kind of a tour and return back home. Make sure you are traveling like a true traveler and exploring the destinations well to know more about their culture and traditions, ancient history, surroundings, and other such facts. If Egypt is in your travel bucket list for a long time now, you can definitely tick it now and go on for your trip through the ancient civilization. The Egypt Tour Packages mostly offers all-inclusive journey details.

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